Never Eat the Bad Fruits Again: Your Complete Guide on Picking Healthy Snack!

Year-end parties are approaching and you want to look your best and get fit into that bodycon suit so you started exchange your diet to fruitarianism. But alas, your fruit-picking skill is almost zero!

Say goodbye to the bad fruits! Here’s your guide to get the best product from mother nature:

1. Mango
Never judge a mango only from the skin color, because green doesn’t always mean ripe, and orange doesn’t equal to acidity. Pinch the fruit a little, if it’s kinda soft, that’s the best one If it’s sturdy, the mango isn’t ripe yet and if it’s too soft, you’ve got yourself a bad fruit. If you’re into sweet mango, smell the fruit and make sure it’s fragrant. Avoid mango with wrinkly skin.

2. Papaya 
When picking for papaya, avoid those that feel hard upon touching. It’s too orange, it’s too ripe (you don’t want a papaya puree, do you?). The best papaya has a balance mixture of green and orange, and the shape should be symmetrically ellipse.

3. Local Orange
The challenge when picking orange is, you can’t judge from the fragrant. So when looking from the best sweetness, pick one with slight curve at the tip. Orange with thick skin usually has little juice inside, but it’s sweet. So if you’re looking for lots of juice, pick the thin-skinned one.

4. Apple 
Don’t repeat Snow White’s mistake by picking a bad apple, okay? Tap the fruit with your finger – if it sounds sturdy, the apple is guaranteed to be crunchy and contains lots of water.

5. Avocado
So you’ve bought yourself some avocados but plan to eat it later? Pick the hardest one and keep it on room’s temperature. But if you plan to eat it right away, choose the softer one.

Source: Sindonews

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