Never Stop Dreaming with Reggy Alexander

Friendly guy Reggy Alexander is a natural in front of camera, just like how we always see him on his Instagram pictures. Find out his tips and tricks on how to elevate the quality of your Instagram pictures and therefore making your account shine even brighter. Reggy is a university student majoring in Communications, who also doubles as an influencer and content creator for several brands, from restaurant to beauty products. He definitely knows how to choose clothes that look good on his body and usually documents his outfits on Instagram. How did this interest start?

“I used to have an online shop for clothing, and rather than hiring a model, I model my own clothes. Besides posting them on my online shop’s account, I decided to upload them on my private account as well for branding purposes.”

reggy alexander highend teen bomagz2

What would one need to invest to be like Reggy? “A good camera, lots of clothes, and time. I don’t mean you need to set up a specific time to do proper photo shoots or something like it. Just go on with your life as it is and take pictures along the way. For me, if I were endorsed by a brand, I would choose something to wear for the day from that brand, and just take pictures wherever I go on that day. As simple as that.”

Reggy prefers locations with ample sunlight, because he likes the natural lighting daytime gives.

“I rarely take photos at night, especially if it’s too dark and becoming yellow toned. Such a big no-no. It helps a lot if you find unique and cool places for your photo location. I usually check out new cafes or restaurants in town.”

His most memorable place ever to take pictures was on top of a helipad. “Oh my God, it was one of the tallest buildings in Jakarta, the wind was too strong, but I liked the challenge it gave me.”

reggy alexander highend teen bomagz1

Uploading pictures should also be timed accordingly.

“Every body has their own Instagram prime time, so you have to find out yours, and upload then. Like me, I notice that I get the most responses during lunch and dinner time. So, I try to post during those times.”

The fair-skinned boy who describes his style as simple and significant views his choice of profession at the moment as something that can be quite big and promising as well since millenial generation is all about social media and is easily influenced by what they see there. “This being said, I have to say it’s not easy reaching the top. You have to consistently do your work, post at least once a day. Show the quality and positivity in your pictures and captions, never opt to rise to the top by creating a scandal.”

Good news, Reggy is in the process of launching his own clothing line some time this year. Let’s wish him the best of luck and great success for his upcoming projects.

Source: HighEnd Teen
Writer: Listya Manopo
Photographer: Rudi Sulistya
Stylist: Kevin Yohanes William
Wardrobe: NOHO The Label, Komma The Label, and General Culture, available at

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