The New Chameleon Guy: Aquinaldo Adrian

If you ever heard about G-Dragon’s doppelganger in Indonesia, there is must be one name that lingers in your mind: Aquinaldo Adrian. The fashion blogger and content creator has this interest of fashion since quite a long time, but he finally focused on doing it since December 2016. Even though he started his personal blog not a long ago, Aquin put all his enthusiasm in it. He also was invited to many fashion events in the town. Care to know more about him?

As a fashion enthusiast, what are you most excited about your life right now?

“I do enjoy my life right now as I get to meet with new people and can dress up in a way that I want.  Because I have this idealism that I can dress like how I want it. Not like in conventional industry where they have to dress in a certain way to go to work. And I don’t have to do it – I think that’s great about fashion industry.”

Do you think fashion has any rules? What is one fashion rule that you completely disagree with?

“It’s quite an interesting question. For me personally, fashion has no rules or whatsoever. Take an example, I don’t always wear man clothes. I do wear women clothes and I do it in a way that suit my style. No rules needed. When you like it you do it, when you love it you wear it. That’s it.”

How do you describe your own personal style?

“My own personal style? I don’t really know about it actually. And I have this thought in my mind that I don’t want to put a genre on my fashion style. I want to be able to pull off many kind of looks, so I can’t describe it. But if I have one word to say what I wanna be in fashion, it’s gonna be a chameleon style. Because it can be many kind of colors, and it matches the surrounding. Yeah, I wanna be like chameleon. But I think my style is heavier in streetwear.”

What excites you the most bout fashion?

“I think fashion is one of the form of art. You can explore many things in art, right? So does fashion. You can explore fashion in a very, very long time and it never ends. So it’s really interesting to see how the fashion itself goes in the future.”

Your thoughts about fashion trends nowadays?

“I think it’s quite interesting because I remember when I get to have this interest in fashion, it kind of revolves back. I was a 90s kid and I grew up with baggy pants, and as I got older, the skinny pants ruled the fashion scene. But right now, the ‘old’ pants makes its comeback. It’s trending again. So it’s funny to see how fashion always revolves back and forth. Personally, I really like the trends nowadays where oversized look is that thing. And I think, people also can wear anything that out of trend because fashion, yeah, has no rule.”

Then, what’s fashion trend that you wish would never, ever return?

“Oh crap. To be honest? I don’t have any fashion trend that would never return. I want to try every fashion trends that ever exist.”

So, you’re dubbed as G-Dragon look alike. How do you take that?

“I’m a big fan of him, and G-Dragon is my role model in fashion industry, so when people told me that I resemble him, I take that as a compliment. I actually feel content and take it positively to that. I mean, it’s G-Dragon, people! (Laughing).”

In what way did he inspire you?

“So for you who doesn’t know G-Dragon, he is actually not in the fashion industry. He is doing his thing in music industry in South Korea, but he is well-known for his sense of style. He is so different and unique compared to another singers or idols there. And what I like about him is that he is the definition of chameleon. I never saw him look ugly (laughing). He always delivers his cool, swag style in a good proportion. And I heard that whatever he wore, it became a trend in South Korea. One time he wore a usual white socks with a ㅋㅋㅋ pattern on it (it means kekeke, a Korean slang for laugh), and it suddenly became a trend there. So crazy, that guy. And one personal trait about him that inspired me is he knows how to presenting himself. He has this certain way of attitude to show his charisma and confidence.”


Last question. What’s your further plan in fashion scene?

“So you know when I first interested in fashion industry, the first thing that come in my mind was I wanted to set up my own fashion brand with my friends. But up till now, I never got a chance to do it. So in the future I hope that I can make and establish my own fashion brand. For now, I create contents of my personal style for my two platforms, Instagram and YouTube. The latter is rather new, and I’m trying to make it bigger and grow even further.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly

Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Runner: Nurul
Wardrobe: Wagadiwa, SBNL, HILS available at

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