New Couple on the Scene: Vanesha Prescilla and Adipati Dolken

Ever watch movies and invest some feeling to its main couple, and hope they become real off-screen? Due to main actor and actress chemistry, it sometimes happened.

Recently, Indonesian heartthrob actor, Adipati Dolken, and rising star actress, Vanesha Prescilla, are added on the list. They become the hottest on-screen and off-screen millennial couple.

Both of them were starring in one movie and apparently their dynamic weren’t only on the screen but in real life too. Fans were speculating their closeness when they promoted their movies together. Adipati often posted photos of them in his Instagram account, and vice versa. They shared their moments together as another couples in the social media.

But the relationship got a backlash against them. Allegedly, Vanesha and Iqbaal shipper couldn’t take the happy news. Hardcore shipper sometimes attacked them online and made a ruckus on the comment section. We hope Adipati and Vanehsa won’t be affected by the haters and stay in love.

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