New Webseries to Watch: Usia Panik

As we enter the twenties phase in our life, questions come and attack us unprepared, especially one that revolves around love.

We come to a point in which the ‘when’ word has turned into something traumatizing for the ears. However there are many young adults out there who never even bother by such questions from their surroundings, just like Gina, the career woman who decides to pursue her career rather than taking care of her love life.
Gina’s story is now available as the latest web series from Klakklik, called Usia Panik.
The characters are portrayed by Sahira Anjani as Gina, Jovanna as Tiara, Randhika Jamil as Alan, and Jonathan Andriano as Ervan. The series will be answering the question about “What if someone tries to make an entrance in your life while it’s started being questioned about?”-  just like Gina who always put her career beyond everything and Tiara who pushes herself to start looking for her significant other.
Usia Panik will be available through Klakklik’s YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe to see more episodes to come.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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