Nikita Willy’s Dreamy Persona

She needs no introduction. But her new skincare product does though, Dreamy skincare by Nikita Willy is the must-have products for all of beauty and skincare enthusiasts.

Nikita has always been about being productive, from the soap opera of Bulan dan Bintang, traveling with le beau Indra in various exotic places, to putting her name on the skincare map with Dreamy skincare. Entailing her job description as an actress, Nikita is constantly exposed with wearing heavy makeup during the scenes. She’s been trying various skincare lines to keep her skin hydrated, hence she comes up with the idea to create the skincare that she dreams about herself.

“I’ve always interested in taking care of my skin, I tend to try many different things to get the best results—that’s why I thought to myself ‘well why not create my own product?’. For this business, I work together with my mom, which products to develop, finding the best beautician and dermatologist. The name itself, Dreamy, I’d like to create a brand so that people can relate in order to achieve a dreamy skin.”

Who’s the audience target of Dreamy?
“For every audience, both male and female. The skin requires the best treatments when we’re around 20 to 40 years old, so that’s my audience target for Dreamy.”
Mind to share the future plan for Dreamy?
“We’re currently in the middle of the process to create more products for Dreamy—and I tried them on my skin myself, because I believe that the results have to be perfect. Therefore, I always monitor the formulas in my products and try all of them myself.”

Since you’re an actress, you must have a packed schedule, yet we see that you also enjoy traveling, how do you divide your time for work and travel?
“I always travel when I’m off the duty, since I’m currently doing a sinetron, it’s quiet impossible for me to travel around. But once I finish all the deadlines and have saved up some traveling expense, I’ll go and explore some more places I haven’t been to.”
Since there’s a temperature difference in each of the country you visit, how do you manage your skincare during traveling?
“The most essential thing for me during traveling is serum. Being hours on an airplane makes my skin dry so I usually put a quiet amount of serum on my ski. I also pay attention to my night skincare routine, especially the moisturizer as it helps my skin to be hydrated.”
Recently, you just graduated from the law school, which is the opposite field of your current career, we’re curious—why law?
“First of all, I chose the major because it relates to so many things we do in daily basis. I’ve been working since I was young—I’m exposed to contracts for the work I’m obliged to do, for my rights, the other parties’, etc. Hence, I take it to get better understanding about my own contracts. As for my long term goals, I’d like to be a lawyer later in the future, although it takes quite the time to get the license, I still want to achieve the goals.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Rengga Aditya
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: Lovo, available at The F Thing

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