No More Galau For Geisha

From Pekanbaru to Jakarta circa 2003, Aan, Roby, Dhan, Nard, and Momo went through all the struggles in making their name in the music industry. The band is now joined by a new vocalist, Regina Poetiray, gave a new color to Geisha. The key to their music is the lyrics, tuning in to ballad songs with romantic lyrics got their fans immediately sang outloud. From Jika Cinta Dia, Tak Kan Pernah Ada, Selalu Salah, to Kamu Yang Pertama, their fans know the lyrics by heart. Geisha has been together for almost 17 years, and is now equipped with a new color thanks to Regina as the new vocalist.

You released a remake song from Guruh Soekarnoputra’s Keranjingan Disco and you infused a new theme to Geisha. It sounded fresh, but personally, what do you think about the transformation of Geisha?

“We were given the opportunity to explore the genre by our recording label, Musica, and honestly many fans also asked us to explore other colors. This upbeat song is included for a Tribute album for Guruh Soekarnoputra.”

After 17 years together, there are so many changes that you guys experienced together. That also included the addition of Regina’s color to the group, but what is the biggest change that the group has been through?
Ruby: “There’re too many of them, just having her, bringing her own color, in the band has already created a different side for us. If you watch our live music then and now, you can totally sense the differences. “
Dhan: “Regina plays an instrument as well, so for our live session, there’s an additional instrument sound—which made the song wholesome.”
Throughout your career, you have released 4 albums and many soundtracks, so what is your favorite song and why?
Nard: “For me, it’s Cinta dan Benci, because the lyrics and the mood are easily relatable.”
Regina: “It’s also the same one for me, because the lyrics are so relatable, and Kering Air Mataku is also my favorite.”
Ruby: “It’s Rahasia for me, the soundtrack for Antalogi Rasa, the reason is because we brought a theme that we have never talked about before, the tunes and the arrangement are so fresh and so new for Geisha.”
Dhan: “Garis Tangan for me, because it’s so cinematic and everything about it is just so good, for me.”
Which gig experience is the most memorable for you?
Dhan: “The most recent one in Malaysia, even though we didn’t have any time for sound check. The moment we tuned to our instruments, the audience started coming in, it was crazy. So we just performed it right away.”

“The one where we performed by the lake in Poso. Just 15 mins before we performed, we felt the earth shaking, it was terrifying because we were reminded by the previous accident occurred to our friends from the band Seventeen, so we were definitely in terror that day. It was terribly windy during our performances, but we also noticed that the audience were jamming to our songs, so it shifted our focus from the weather to our fans.”

Ruby: “There are too many good memories that I’ve made with the band, so I can’t really pin point which one is the most memorable one.”
So what’s in store for the new album?

“Our next album will be so much different than the last one. We actually have released some of the songs, but still have other songs that are yet to be revealed—which are actually our main songs. There are six unreleased songs in total, and there are so many genres included and we’re so excited about them.”

Nard: “There will be at least 12 songs in total, right?”

“Right, and we can’t say more because everything about it is still undisclosed, and we can’t reveal the exact date when the album will be released. But we shared enough about it here, right?”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Afriardi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
MUA: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe: Bae, Autiv.Fixin, Her Apparel, all available at

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