Non-Cheesy Ways to Match with Your Partner

There are times when you want to match your looks with your partner in the most lowkey way possible–something that would still look cute but not overwhelmingly cheesy. And no one says it’s impossible.

Instead of wearing the exact same clothes with your partner, you can still match with one another by matching the color to your partner, and here are some ideas that you can try with your partner:
  1. Match your top or bottom’s color with your partner. It’s the easiest to stay in the same theme but not going overboard. And here are how you can do it with everyone’s favorite color, black.

  2. Same color top. Again, playing with color is the most effective way to match with your partner. Here’s one example how you can do it with the same top’s color, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same kind of tops, as doing it differently you can still play around with your own style but still matchy-matchy.

  3. Similar but not so much. Here is how you can match up with your partner by drawing a silver line between your styles. You can have your blue stripes blouse, while your partner can wear his favorite white tee, then to match your looks, you can have match the color in your top’s stripes to his shirt’s pattern, just like these two tops below:

So what do you think? It’s not that difficult to get matching with your partner, right?
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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