Why Not Travel Without Internet?

Internet has become a primary need in this modern world. From working to traveling, everybody needs their internet fix. One thing might surprise you: you can survive traveling without internet. And here’s how.

1. Seize the journey
Traveling is about having a relaxing moment. To reconnect with yourself and immerse with your surrounding. You must seize every second spent, you are traveling. So, travel.

2. Notice your surrounding
As mentioned above in point number 1, immerse yourself with your surrounding. Notice how the bird chirps at the morning. Notice the laughter of children while you’re strolling. The color of the resto you’re about to enter. The tiles, the food, the drink, and even the air. Lose yourself with the moment.

travel without wifi (3) travel without wifi (5)

3. Bring your camera
This is the only gadget allowed to bring during travel. Of course your cell is also crucial, but dare yourself not to bow and glue to the screen during your travel. Can you do that? Glue your eyes to the view. Snap them. Make them last forever.

travel without wifi (1)

4. Talk with the locals
You’d be surprised at how much info and life lessons you’ll earn once you get cozy with the locals. They’ll not only tell you things only locals know, but the process also lets you rediscover yourself.

Dare enough to do this type of travel?

travel without wifi (2)

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