#NotTooLate for a 2017 Throwback?

So, have we resumed to the mundane rut of trying to reach our goals in the office? Let’s rest our eyes from those irritating documents for a while and take a look back of what we went through in previous week of December 2017 – as a mood-booster for the first months of 2018 – also a good reminder to pursue the new exciting year.

  1. Met Grandfather Frost, Russia
    Nope, Santa Claus didn’t make an appearance in Russia during Christmas; but it’s Grandfather Frost – local figure of Father Christmas who’s known to bring presents to children and deliver them in person. So basically, a Santa. Yet he’s not your regular mall’s Santa Claus, because while Santa’s accompanied by Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Grandfather Frost was accompanied by Snow Maiden – his granddaughter who wear long silver-blue robes and snowflake-like crown that helped his errand in the cold winter night.


  1. Received Gift from Santa Claus, Finland
    What lies beneath our childhood memories? We all once believed Santa’s real (some of us, still preserve that belief). Either it’s once told to be a personification of Christmas or even just an old man straight outta fairy tale’s book who brings joy to the children, we always wanted to meet the Santa in person. However, it’s possible to be done in Rovaniemi, Finlandia. Bring your wish-list, as it’s also part of the dream-come-true. The catch however, only children that allowed to experience the long-lasting moment (sorry, grown-ups).


  1. Witnessed the Thousand Paper Lantern, Croatia
    Whenever the sky is filled with stars and moon, the scenery will be picturesque for the rest of the night. But what if the night-time you went through in the past few week of December, actually is thousands of lanterns instead of shimmering stars aforementioned before. Precisely in Croatia, that’s what actually happened, as the holiday gave us time to stay with family and best friends, the entire city filled the light with the luminescent of memories.


  1. Experienced the Act of Pastorelas, Mexico
    Since centuries ago, there’s an annual tradition in Mexico to re-enact the scene that’s described in the Bible. The tradition is then passed from generation to generation. Along the way, it also has become part of celebration that tourist wouldn’t want to miss for the end of year.


  1. Avoid the Raid of Kramus’ Army, Germany
    No one like to be in the Naughty List, especially if the punishment is bumping Kramus – the monster with pointy ears, red eyes, paired up with horn and hideous face. But in Munich, it’s not just one Kramus appeared, but an assumption of army was invading the city. Fear no more, as it wasn’t a real monster, but costume wore by males who went all the way only to scare the shit out of local children (who found themselves on the unfortunate list).

Writer: Hadi Sutanto
Source: Okezone.com

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