O is for Olivia Lazuardy

The next female influencer needs no further introduction. She has 282k followers on her Instagram, following the interesting life of this beaut in her 5071 posts. YouTube wise, Olivia has gained 83.627 subscribers who watch her 142 videos — that feature not just fashion tips, but also beauty, lifestyle, and her daily life.

She is one of the prominent digital fashion influencers based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As the first step towards pursuing her passion in fashion, she founded olivialazuardy.com in 2013. She consistently posts fashion inspirations, fashion tips and tricks, travel journal, and personal styles. Her dream is to empower and inspire everyone who steps into olivialazuardy.com and her other channels – and encourage others to find their inner confidence and express their personalities through fashion and her personal stories.


So we gotta ask, why blogging and then vlogging after?
“I was born and grew up in Jakarta, I graduated from BINUS International University, majoring in graphic design. Back in 2013, it was so hard for me to find any fashion inspirations,I was inspired by other fashion bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni and Gary PepperGirl. So that’s when I decided to start a blog as a hobby, and just then I realized that I wanted to do this professionally so I can inspire others who want to do the same as well.”
Then you also joined the Gram wagon. And on Instagram, comments can be nasty. How do you cope with that?

“I think that is the inherent consequence of exposing ourselves to mass media. So, yeah, for sure I have had hate comments here and there, and yet here’s how I see it: that for every hate comment, there are even more people with supportive comments. So I decide to embrace the positive ones. On the other side, I always take negative comments as constructive notes—that is if they really are constructive. I want to learn more and get better each day – and one of the best ways to do it is through constructive comments.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Ricko Sandy
Stylist: Caroline Meliala
Wardrobe by Lou Lou The Label available at The F Thing, and Sean and Sheila

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