One Word that Describes Your Zodiac Sign

Each individuals obviously has their own personalities.

However, how does one determine what kind of personality one has? One way is by looking by their zodiac sign. There is one word that describes who you really are. The one word that can define your truest self, check this list out if you’re curious of what that word is.
  • Aries – Power
Aries describes power because of their firm figure and how they rely on the power of their brain. They’re also a formidable figure, they use their power as much as possible so they don’t rely on others.
  • Taurus – Confidence
Taurus has a charming aura. That’s why they have the most excellent self-confidence of all the other zodiac signs. They are also the figures who can attract attention of others when they don’t even say a word.
  • Gemini – Intelligence
Gemini is a brilliant figure. They are very smart and good at communicating. That’s why they are suitable to be called an intelligent person. Intelligence is a very appropriate word for Gemini’s figure.
  • Cancer – Empathy
The word that describes Cancer’s personality is indeed empathy. They have a strong understanding of the environment. When people around them get into trouble, they will feel empathic for them and help them immediately.
  • Leo – Brave
Like its symbol, Leo is never afraid of anything. They’re the person who dares to take responsibility for what they have done. They’re also a figure who’s not inferior when they talk to anyone above their level.
  • Virgo – Perfection
Virgo is very perfectionist. They demand perfection in almost everything in their life. That is the reason why perfection is the most suitable word for Virgo. They want to be the number one for everything they do.
  • Libra – Goodness
Libra is infamous for their kindness. They tend to put other people ahead of themselves. They don’t even hesitate to put themselves aside.
  • Scorpio – Fame
Scorpio likes to known. They like that there are many people who pay attention to them and make them the center of attention and that’s why the word fame is the most appropriate to describe Scorpio.
  • Sagittarius – Charisma
Sagittarius has a charm that is like no others. Their charisma that radiates out makes the person who sees them melt even though they’re not doing anything. They’re also a figure who has that charm who easily attracts the attention of others.
  • Capricorn – Logic
All kinds of things must make sense in Capricorn’s point of view. Conversely, things that do not make sense will be rejected by them. Therefore, we can say them as the logical people.
  • Aquarius – Mysterious
You would know that one Aquarius friend that you have is very unpredictable. They are a figure who can’t be read by the people around them. Others will not know how Aquarius really feels since they are known to be mysterious.
  • Pisces – Sensitive
One word that describes Pisces is sensitive. They’re the person who cares and is sensitive to the needs of others. People around them would feel valued and respected by treatment Pisces gives to them.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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