Our Fave Indo-French Beaut: Laura Theux

A new face that will soon be go all over your gram, we predict, is this new actress Laura Theux. As you might guess it by her name, she is half Indonesian half French, and recently the beaut with 297k followers on Instagram, just did a webseries with Klaklik called Gubuk Asmara. And you guessed it right again for the second time, Laura and Michi indeed play in the same webseries.

This isn’t her first time exploring the acting world, Laura’s face becomes a fave babe to go with among today’s men thanks to NET TV’s The East as Baby in 2016-2018. Ever since 2012, Laura has been delving the acting world, from Malam Minggu Miko The Movie, Jaran Goyang, Sesat, even to the infamous Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala as Sandra.

“Currently, I’ve been doing a promo for my next 2 movies called ‘Pohon Terkenal’, a movie about police academy and another called ‘Yowes Band’, which will scheduled to be released on March.”

Right on. Now about Gubuk Asmara, tell us how you got involved in it.
“My character is a boss / CEO from a company that runs a dating apps for match-making. But the difference between this dating apps and others is, me myself as the CEO slash Inventor, wants to turn it into a serious deal. We don’t want people, who use this apps, suffer from scam that usually happens on dating sites/apps.”

Interesting to begin with, so your character is against the concept itself?
“My character’s name is Devi. She is assertive, a lady boss with a good sense of humor. What sets me apart from others is that since I am the boss of this company I have to position myself. In the story, I built this company from scratch with Boris.”
So when was the time that you finally got a taste of the acting world?
“One day I got an offer to do some casting in Jakarta and eventually got the part, and well everything basically just rolls from then on.”
Is there any particular actress that you set as role model? And have you watched their latest movie?
“My role model is Sandra Bullock, because I love that she has all this different personalities in each movie that she plays including in Bird box!”

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Wardrobe: Available at The F Thing

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