Paramount Postponed the Release Schedule for Sonic the Hedgehog Due to Flood of Criticism

After getting a lot of criticism and comments from fans, director “Sonic the Hedgehog”, Jeff Fowler, decided to postpone the release of the film.

Jeff Fowler confirmed that the film was postponed until 2020. The delay was caused by fans’ criticism of Sonic’s design which was considered ugly. The criticism finally made Paramount and the film’s creative team to redesign Sonic. And, because it will require a lot of work and time, the studio finally decided to postpone Sonic the Hedgehog’s airing schedule for three months from the original schedule of 8 November 2019 to 14 February 2020.
Sonic film is an adaptation of a popular game in 1991. In the video game, Sonic is identical as a blue spiked creature with a speed that can be increased to the maximum during the race.
Source: Global Radio

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