Partner in Fashion: Lyla Andalucia and Noi Aswari

noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz2

Lyla is wearing Belda Dress

Let’s get up close and personal with hosts from Lovò x Jessica Priscilla collaboration. Go by the name Lyla Andalucia and Noi Aswari, both are known for their devotion to fashion and beauty stuff. Lyla is the little sister of socialite Astrid Satwika and to Letter F, she admit that she has always been addicted to fashion since she was a kid. Whereas for Noi, this young dentist found her affection to a completely different world unwittingly. She just put her best effort to look good in clothes, but later on, she realized that fashion is something that she adores for a long time.

What is your current activity right now and share us your upcoming project?

Lyla: “I’m currently busy with my wedding’s preparation. Apart from that, I still do hosting for fashion and beauty events. On daily basis, I’m still active writing for my blog and posting pictures on my Instagram.”

noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz15

Noi and Lyla are wearing Green Desarae Top

noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz9

Noi: “For now, I’m busy with my studies since I’m currently dental assistant. And I hope I can finish it later on and do the Hippocratic Oath for Dentistry. And working as a dentist after.”

As a woman, fashion is indeed something that is sort of ingrained in our minds. What about you, since when you started paying close attention to what you wear?

Lyla: “Fashion is my life, in any things that I do, I always put some fashion sense into it. Started out in a simple thing like when I was in the uni, I dressed up almost everyday. You can say that fashion is my mood. Since I was a kid, to be honest. I always love fashion and beauty things, I adore the fashion and the idea of Princess. And from time to time, I love posing in front of the camera. Thanks to the rapid growth of mass media, I can have a perfect platform for my hobby.”

Noi: “I feel like I am so into fashion since I was a kid. I was a bit different, I like to dress up nice and tidy to the point that people around me also love dressing up tidily. After all, fashion is the way you present yourself to the public.”

Beside the brand, what is the most important part that every style has to own?

Lyla: “Comfortability is super essential. The first thing that we seek over clothing is its comfort. If we’re comfortable in what we wear, it can build our confidence and it will be seen by others.”


“Your style is the way you express yourself. Since your fashion equals to your character, it shows who you really are without having to announce it to people around you. But I don’t always follow the trend. I won’t wear something that doesn’t represent myself.”

noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz10noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz3

As an influencer, share us the good side and bad ones.

Noi: “A lot of benefit that I can earn for being an influencer. I have the opportunity to meet new people. I found a whole new passion which is so much different from my daily activity. The only bad side – it’s not even a bad one I think, is it’s a bit difficult to arrange my schedule.”

If you were a fashion brand, what would you be?

Lyla: “Kate Spade, for the playful side of my style. And Chanel for its classic and elegant touch.”

Noi: “I’m going to be Valentino. I like something classy but chic and little bit edgy. And Dior. They can keep their classic vibe with a bold twist.”

noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz5

Noi and Lyla are wearing Lavannya Pants

noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz19

Noi is wearing Caresse Top

And based on your fashion sense, you were chosen as the hosts of Lovò x Jessica Priscilla. What’s your thoughts on the collab?


“What I love about Lovò is that the design is my style. I can combine the clothes for my daily look. On top of that, the high quality material is also its strong point. I feel comfortable in them. And the type of shoes they’re heading is very up to date.”

noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz14noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz16noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz4

Noi: “I’m so honored to be chosen by Valencia. I think Lovò is doing well nowadays. They pull off basic and chic in a very wearable clothes. It’s suitable for daily wear or a formal occasion – it’s how you mix it. And for the latest collection, all I can say is the sandals are on point. They know the current trend and that is what makes Lovò interesting.”

noi lyla lovo x jp bomagz8
Find out the fun videoshoot with Noi and Lyla in here!

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Hengky Irawan (@hengkyirawan)
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA&Hairdo: Nadia Renata and Sahil (@makeupbysahil)
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Graphic Design: Rusdah Ulfa
Wardrobe: Lovo x JP, available at

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