Personal Shopper: Brandon Salim

Goes by the name Brandon Nicholas Salim, this millennial has fast become an idol of many teenagers, both girls and boys. The eldest son of Ferry Salim was born on September 19th, 1996. At the age of 20 years old, Brandon has already made his existence and talent known in the showbiz industry. The owner of Insta handle @brandonsalim, with an impressive 731k followers, appeared in at least 5 films already in the span of 2015-2016: 7 Hari Menembus Waktu, Heart Beat, Ngenest The Movie, Beauty and the Best, and Winter in Tokyo. Currently, Brandon is busy filming the infamous Anak Artis webseries. His clothing label, DORJE, has gradually become recognizable thanks to his Instagram feeds. Personally, Brandon is often seen wearing the latest trends, and that’s the very reason why we chose him to be our Personal Shopper at The F Thing’s pop-up store, level 4, Plaza Indonesia.

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