Peruntungan Zodiak di Juli 2020

Nggak cuma peruntungan aja, tapi di bulan Juli ini ada prediksi yang cocok buat tiap zodiak. Ngecek dari, kira-kira di Juli ini dari mulai kisah cinta sampai karir, gimana, nih?


Cinta: There’s a growing feeling of unrest and frustration for you this month as several areas of your life become untenable, leading to a major turning point in your relationship. You’ve had enough of feeling like you’re always bending at the knee to make your relationship work or to make your partner happy.
Karir: You feel like your ambitions are being thwarted by someone above you and your voice is not being heard. You might stir the pot near one or both of these days — but sometimes you just have to.
  • LEO
Karir: You might have a brush with authority near this time that makes working in your current environment impossible. Alternatively, if you are a business owner, you might face the difficult decision to fire an employee who isn’t pulling their weight.
Cinta: Romance is tricky this month. You have been trying to push away intimacy because you may have struggled with feeling worthy of love.
Cinta: If you are dating someone, then you might realize how much you love this person and don’t want to lose him or her. The attachment between you has grown considerably and you might want to deepen your commitment somehow. Go for it!
Pertemanan: If there has been confusion between you and a friend, it might reach a crisis point early in the month but will finally start to be resolved. This is a good thing.
Karir: As July begins, you might still feel confused about your career direction. Interestingly enough, if you have admitted to yourself that you’ve stayed where you are only because of the security your position provided, you’ll have an equally secure opportunity open up for you.
Cinta: When it comes to your love life, it’s possible that you and your partner will be arguing a lot more this month. There’s potential for your mate to say something he or she wishes they could take back. Handle with care.
Karir: All sorts of confusion regarding contracts and legal matters will be resolved this month, although it might not feel that any resolution is in sight at first. You could be signing a major contract.
Karir: You may feel as if your partner’s income is somehow slipping through your fingers. He or she might lose a source of income and if this happens, you’ll struggle to understand how it disappeared so fast. It’s possible neither one of you saw this coming. Single? Stay away from any love interest asking you for money. It’s bad news.
Karir: A source of income might end, and it could be one that you relied on for many years. Although you may feel insecure about it, recognize that it actually opens up doors of opportunity you otherwise would have conveniently ignored. Those doors have to do with making money through passive income streams, commissions, or royalties. In fact, you are likely to implement a new revenue stream.
Cinta: In terms of love, you are coming to a major emotional realization about someone who is in your heart. You’ve been seeing things the way you wish them to be and not how they truly are, and it’s time to take the rose-colored glasses off for good. This doesn’t have to be negative. In fact, it could be how genuine love transpires.
Karir: This month marks a significant turning point in your life. This can have everything to do with a personal transition that is connected to your identity and goals, but it may also involve a close relationship, either in business or your personal world. Endings are possible, and if anything in your life does come to a close, remember that it is happening because you have either outlived its purpose or needed it to end so you can attain your next level of soul growth.
Cinta: When it comes to relationships, this is a month of confusion leading to new beginnings. You’re ready to go in a new direction when it comes to your connection with someone important. You’re ready to claim a new level of emotional security with this person.
Karir: You might be tired of the miscommunication between you and colleagues or the feeling that your job isn’t right for you. If you’ve done everything you possibly can to make it work and it’s still not a positive (or at least bearable) experience, then it might be time to accept that this position simply isn’t a good fit. You’ll be able to update your resume and send out applications. Expect interviews and a new job offer to come faster than you imagined, sometimes change is good.
Cinta: You might feel that you’ve met someone who is too good to be true or just too good for you. If it’s the first option, then you’re probably right because no one is perfect. If it’s the second option, then you’re probably wrong. The right person will love you just the way you are.
Karir: You might hear emotional news from a friend, this pal might be going through an extremely difficult time where he or she is experiencing the structures of their life crumble. If you see this is happening, you’ll want to do what you can to lend support. Of course you will, because you are pure compassion at your highest vibration!
Cinta: Your love life might feel like nothing but confusion. If you’ve had an ex come back into your life for any reason, it most likely stirred up some old feelings, thoughts, or patterns for you to work through once more. Hopefully you did so you’ll finally be ready to free yourself from any unhealthy emotional attachments and move on.
Karir: You might have been experiencing more tension than usual while trying to balance your home and career lives, Aries. In fact, you might be upset this month about needing some extra help around the house because you’re trying to take care of yourself and maximize a career opportunity that emerges. You don’t like asking for help, and the fact that you’ve humbled yourself to enlist the aid of your relatives is a lot for you. So, when they are giving you excuses or frustrated opposition in return, it won’t be easy to swallow.
Cinta: As far as your love life goes, you have grown tired of never really knowing where you stand with someone. Love needs to be expressed or else it will die. Someone is either not speaking up out of fear or just not feeling it. You’re tired of being disappointed.

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