Pharrell is Taking Chanel to Another Level

Pharrell Williams is a man no stranger to Chanel. Recently he’s been teasing some of his Chanel collaboration including in the new Harper’s Bazaar Korea spread titled Chanel Pharrell.


Here’s Pharrell rocking a blue t-shirt with embroidered “Chanel” and “Pharrell” in neon colors shaped like crosswords, a peach quilt-bucket-hat with pride flag and Chanel logo on the front, also a handful of Chanel chain necklace. What a sight to behold.

The fashion and music mogul is also seen wearing a yellow patched hoodie with an over-sized green sling bag completed with numerous accessories including Chanel’s iconic pearls.
It is said that Pharrell once bet with a friend that he would not work with Chanel, having lost this bet , he decided to printed his response to his friend on a T-shirt as a reference to a personal anecdote. This collection also is influenced by Akira and motorcycles gang who is seen on the campaign.

The full collection is set to release in Seoul on March 29, and globally on April 4.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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