Pharrell Williams out-Pharrelled even Pharrell

‘The Hat’ remains one of fashion world’s most legendary moments.

Remember that time Pharrell appeared on the Grammy’s with skinny jeans, Timber boots, a leather Adidas track jacket and a demented humongous hat? Unique fashion choices usually demands reaction and as far as reactions go there’s only two, good or bad. But with William’s hat, people don’t know what to think of it. Was it good? Was it ugly? Was it so advanced that our mortal mind can’t understand it? The answer is, it’s bloody all of ‘em.

If you wish to identified the hat, here some juice. It is the Buffalo Hat, from Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s first official show, Autumn/Winter’s 1983 “Nostalgia of Mud.” This show is a collaboration about clothes and music that is in the post-industrial age, the roots of the culture who lies in the primitive societies. Hats like blown-up bowler with a cowboy hat brim, dented and molded makes it looks somehow humane instead of ridiculous.
William’s assembly that of red track jacket and the hat can be traced back to the music video for Buffalo Girl. When you thought it was a one-time thing, no turns out he keeps wearing it, in every color that’s possible. On an after-party for the BRIT Awards in London also earlier that night while performing his hits Happy, on his 41st birthday party in hunter green, Coachella (twice!), the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and every single red carpet appearance over and over and over.
His then-stylist, Mariel Haenn said that The Hat was William’s signature. Whenever you see hats shaped like that or just simply similar, it will automatically be associated with Pharrell – which is a smart personal branding move. This all happened in early 2014, according to Pharrell he didn’t expect the mania as ‘he’s just wearing a hat’. By March, he auctioned off The Hat he wore to the Grammy’s on eBay and sold it with significant amount of money, $44,100. And that is the end of The Hat affair.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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