The Then It Photographer for Monroe, Audrey, and Bardot

Douglas Kirkland is now 84 and a Toronto-born gentleman who had spent six decades of his life photographing some of the most famous faces of the era.

In 1961, he was asked by the one and only sex icon Marilyn Monroe to photograph her wearing only a white silk sheet in bed. Tragically this shot is taken just 9 months before her death. When he finally recovered from the shock, his career began.
While still in his mid-twenties, he was able to spend three weeks with Coco Chanel which in that amount of time he never saw her remove her hat. The list got even more fascinating as he got the chance to photographe Sophia Loren, Grace Jones, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.

Sound awesome? You can see all these amazing photograph in the retrospective exhibition “Douglas Kirkland,” which is on view at Palos Verdes Art Center in California, through April 21, 2019.  Take a look inside how life back then was with the best people there is.

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