Pink Beach is the Best Place to Fall in Love – Here’s Where You can Find Them!

Beach, pink, love. Can you name a better trio? Let’s go to places where the sands are pink instead of that usual sulky white.

1. Harbor Island, Bahama

Source: (Joanne Marie)

In the beginning, it has the usual white sandy beach – and then, a single-cell creature named Foraminifera inhabited the ecosystem and turns it pink! The color comes from their shells, FYI. No worries, you won’t hassle with other tourists trying to get that best Insta-pics since the wide, long beach stretches to 3 kilometers.

2. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda


Behind all the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, here’s a hidden treasure. The beautiful beach comes with a magnificent crescent shape.

3. Barbuda Beach, Karibia


Similar to the first beach on our list, Barbuda originally comes with brown-ish sand. Then it’s intruded by pink shells that come with the waves.

4. Budelli Island, Italia


Here’s the natural beauty that has caught the world’s attention. The pink complexion comes from the chipped corals surrounding the environment. Unfortunately, ever since tourists become obsessed with carrying the sands home, the beach is now closed to the public.

5. Laguna Balos, Yunani


Yes, the usual stuff – waves bring pink shells and so on. But what makes it special, the water here is shallow and warm, making it a perfect getaway even for the rookiest beach babes.

6. Great Santa Cruz, Filipina


The coral sedimentation here is just very powder-y and definitely a photogenic spot for your latest social media updates.

7. Komodo Island, Indonesia


Now that all eyes are on Eastern Indonesia, here’s the spot that you shouldn’t miss. Since there’s only few trees around the environment, wide the panorama is just magical.

Source: Mister Aladin

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