Prepare for 2019, Love Yourself Better!

Self-hatred is an attitude that can increase the risk of suicide. When you have such a low self-esteem, you’ll dislike yourself and struggle to see any lights within. Self-loathing encourages negative feelings within you, such as disgust, rage, and even vengeance to yourself. Those feelings will make it impossible for you to believe your worth and your capability as a human being.
And how should we love ourselves? Here are the things that you can do to start  appreciate yourself more, cause believe it or not, true love begins with loving yourself first.
  1. Listen to Yourself
Many of you struggle to let things go and these things often come from people’s views on you. Close your ears, and start to talk to yourself more, cause you know yourself better than anyone else!

  1. Everything is not Bad
If you find yourself complaining about something, try to find even the smallest evidence to the contrary. Being negative is definitely a bad habit, hence try to seek the positive sides more; because everything is a double-edged sword.

  1. Stop Calling Yourself with Names
Stop saying ‘I’m so stupid’ or ‘I’m such a disappointment’, it is very wrong to degrade yourself that way. Try to rephrase your frustration to something more positive like, “I can do it better next time.”

  1. Make a List about the Positive Side of Yourself
Although this can be difficult, but you can try with one point each time! Believe me when I say every coins has two sides, so do you! Hence, try to make a list that is very specific, for example “I say thank you all the time”, or “I am kind”. These thoughts on yourself will make an effect to you as you reflect yourself to the list!

  1. Reward Yourself
If you find yourself able to achieve something that is very hard for you to do, go and celebrate it with yourself! Buy something you desire or simply eat your favorite pudding in your favorite café. Think about all the hard work you’ve done and reward yourself!

  1. Do Things that You Love Doing
Spend some time for yourself to do something that you love, it can be anything!

  1. Reflect on Yourself
After doing all of those things above, the final step would be reflect on yourself. After spending time for yourself, you will see the other part in your life that you haven’t seen before. You are way more than you thought you are, and you will always have the control on how your life is going to be. Do read the list you make every day and add one more each week.
After you’ve done all the steps, you will now notice how your life is a happy place after you love yourself more.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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