All about Project Bhinneka by Valerie Thomas and Rafi Haikal

On one fine day, Letter F got the chance to meet the busy gal, Valerie Thomas, and her also busy partner, Rafi Haikal. Both have been friend since years ago, and now they’re almost unseparated. When they left Indonesia to continue their studies in London, the United Kingdom, they started wanting to make some difference. That was when Project Bhinneka was born. Only in a couple of months, the social movement has gained many attention and support from many parties till they finally held their first exhibition on 16-20 July 2018 at MPR Building.

What is Project Bhinneka?

Valerie: It’s a platform for the creative youth where we scout Indonesian adolescents here or abroad to join the movement. We want all the juveniles to join and participate in the project. The idea was formed when we were in New York, did nothing in our rooms, and then this idea popped out ‘How can we preserve our culture in this fast-paced generation?’”

Haikal: “I mean, we are still young and the timing is right if you want to make your country proud of you, proud of the young generations.”

Valerie: “Yes, in this young age, I wish to spend our time with positivity and good energy. Playing around no more. We need to make something, create something.”

What is the purpose of this movement?

Valerie: “The purpose itself is to preserve and make our culture rise again.”

Haikal: “Also, we want to help the young generation gain their confident back. To be honest, the pressure that many youngster get from social norms, parents or even the surrounding get can be frustrating sometimes.”

Valerie: “We will use this big platform which is social media, to express youth’s talents and passion without any fear; because we believe in the skills of Indonesian youth.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Photographer: Rendra Martin

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