Psychedelic, Dreamy Landscapes Come to Life at Netflix’s ‘Maniac’

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone made appearances.


Celebrating the release of its highly-anticipated production, Maniac, Netflix premiered the 10-episode miniseries with a spectacle in New York City. Bringing the show’s surreal, futuristic landscapes to life, the Cary Joji Fukunaga-directed venture created an environment where fans could immerse themselves in the series’ art direction.

The most nuanced details were considered, as many of the characters and tropes of the show took a physical form — from the animatronic chess playing koala bear to the human pop-up Ad Buddies. Though the most impressive of the set reinterpretations was the life-scale rendering of the Neberdine Pharmaceutical and Biotech’s supercomputer, GRTA, alongside the testing apparatuses. In tandem, AR art installation from Jeron Braxton was included to surround attendees an interactive wall of psychedelic visuals.


Source: Hypebeast

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