Put Your Records on at Paper Pot Records!

Music trends may change, but vinyl will always be a treasurable personal collection. Paper Pot Records agrees – developing hobbies into a fertile ground for business, they provide a sanctuary for reminiscing the good old days.

Located in Blok M Square, Paper Pot Records flashes more than hundreds collection of vinyl from many genres, both foreign and local musicians. Lots of young adults – side to side with the expected elderly consumers – visited the place regularly to have a taste of the music experience. Have you?

Tell us the backstory of Paper Pot Records – the idea, concept, and sort…
We’re established in 2008, but we weren’t a record music store back then. We only have this concept in our heads and just like any other reason, we started off as hobbies. We love and collect vintage stuffs, such as vinyl, radio, boombox and others; apparently, collecting vinyl leads us to this sudden business. Here, we see our consumers as community or family, as we share the same hobbies. Our main purpose is not about the business, but to have fun while collecting music.”
How did you get all these vinyl collections?
“We have various ways of collecting vinyl, and every piece of them has their own stories. Sometimes we got it from our friends, even neighborhood. Once we got it from other people outside Jakarta. It’s safe to say we got from many sources. Back then we searched it by ourselves, but nowadays people offered us to buy the vinyl in bulks.”

Among all of the collection in the store, which vinyl is the hardest to get?
“I don’t think we have one. Because you know, vinyl is just like finding your mate. Sometimes when you want to have this particular vinyl, you’d have a hard time getting it. But when you’re idle, that one vinyl would show up and be easy to get. Occasionally, we bought it from abroad because in Indonesia there aren’t many record stores who release particular music genres, like EDM, so at times we pursued it from outside the country. Especially for global singers. But for local artist, it’s harder to get because they don’t produce much. In my opinion, local music is a bit more interesting when you have it in vinyl. It becomes a collectible item.”
Can you tell us about the music genres that are available in this Paper Pot Records?
“Though we began with hip-hop collection, we have lot more than that now. Funk soul, electronic music, disco house, and other pop genres.”

Despite the digital era, do artists still release their music through vinyl nowadays?
“Lots of them still release their music in vinyl form, though. Even some of veteran musicians remastered their album in vinyl.”
Your thoughts about the existence of vinyl in this digital era?
“I think vinyl has the chance to climb up again. For me personally, vinyl is the most solid media as a physical album, especially from the standpoint of durability. And for your personal collection, it’ll be look more promising.”

What’s the difference between vinyl and digital platform in your opinion?
“Each of them have their own advantages. I kinda miss the feeling of holding a physical album which contains art cover and unique inner slips inside. I feel joyful when collecting them all.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Videographer: Iqbal Safei 

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