Queen is Actually Richer Than the Queen

The rock band from Queen is said to have more wealth than the Queen of England Elizabeth II, which makes them actually richer than the Queen herself.

The Sunday Times version of the richest person in 2019 has been released and according to the list, Queen—the band of four members were recorded to have a fortune of 445 million pounds aka Rp 8.2 trillion, whilst the Queen is owning a fortune for about 375 million pounds or Rp 6,9 trillion.
The rise of the band’s profit comes from the great success of the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic film that sold over USD 902 million in the entire planet. Rocketing to become the 6th highest-income film in the history, all the Queen members have become billionaires once again. Bringing the golden era of the band, the movie also bringing back the royal fans of Queen to the ground and hit their most popular song becomes the it song once again in every music streaming providers. The film aroused the glory of the legendary band that had been the inspiration for musicians in the world.
Source: Global Radio

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