Quick Beauty Hacks to Conquer Halloween 2018!

Halloween is just around the corner – a holiday in which you can be anything, and people won’t judge. Have you decided on what are you going to be? Among all names of serial killer, criminal, creature or psychopath out there – who are you choosing to be? Halloween is of course a can’t-miss event for makeup and horror junkie, but some of us hadn’t got the gift to brush our face that good. Here are some easy – quick makeup tips for you who want to look scary in small amount of time.


Serial Killer’s Blood Splatters

  • Finish you basic day to day makeup like brow, simple liner, mascara , foundation etc before you start the next step.
  • Make your own fake blood red lipstick, creamy black eyeliner and a small amount of lip gloss.
  • Shave a small amount of your red lipstick and mix it with the eyeliner and lip gloss. If you want darker color blood you can add more liner, on the other hand if you want brighter blood, add more red lipstick.
  • Take your brush, dip it into the ‘blood’, run your fingers over the bristles to get a random spray of red on your face.
  • Use a small brush or maybe your hand to swipe some of the blood on the side of your mouth to give it ‘I just eat my killings’ look.
  • You are good to go. PS. You can bring your own murder weapon as a hint of drama such as dining utensils. BUT, don’t bring sharp things, it’s dangerous.

If you can’t seem to find a red lipstick you can use:


Lovely Doll

  • Inspired by Marie Antoinette and Queen of Hearts ‘s love lip (that lipstick application technique in which you just apply small amount of lipstick on the center of your lips.
  • First finish you basic makeup – you might want to use thick round blush on the cheek for this one
  • You can add some freckles too with pencil liner, or eyeshadow.
  • Foundation your lip to the point that your lip color doesn’t look obvious.
  • If you have trouble using the lipstick directly, you might want to draw it first with lip liner on the center of your lips and fill it with liquid lipstick.
  • Paired with sleek pigtails hair or maybe you want to go extra with a huge white wig, it’s up to you.

To give you dolly eyes, sometimes eyeliner is a must-have item. Yours has dried out? Don’t worry we have it here:


Shuri from Black Panther



  • Strong eyebrow and golden chrome eyeshadow is necessary for this type of makeup. Not to mention, strong eyeliner and fleek lashes!
  • You will also need to have white face paint to make Shuri’s signature battle dots.
  • Make your own smokey eyes with combination such as grey and a hint of brown.
  • If you are feeling extra, you can change the dots using stick on face pearl.
  • To complete the look put highlighter on the bridge of your nose, also put on black lipstick.
  • You can do a braid up do like Shuri does in the movie, or you can also do an afro wavy hair using small curler.

To imitate the fleek lashes of Shuri you might wanna try:

and to have the bronze skin Shuri possess you can use

Text Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor Olivia Elena Hakim
Photos courtesy of Popsugar and The F Thing

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