Quick Chat with Ranah 3 Warna’s Actress, Amanda Rawles

This half Australian-half Indonesian actress started to get the recognition she deserves since her big screen movie 7 Hari Menembus Waktu back in 2015. Since then, her roles differ and landed a role as the lead actress in 2017 in Promise.

But it was in Dear Nathan that she becomes the talk about town as one of the promising young actresses in the country, and it got her the opportunity to play in Ranah 3 Warna with Teuku Rassya. Adapted from the same name, Ranah 3 Warna is part of the trilogy novel by Ahmad Fuadi Negeri 5 Menara.

So when did you start exploring the acting world?
“I was 12 if I’m not mistaken, my mom introduced me to this world. I started with ads, and then soap operas, and of course big screen movies.”
You recently also started to act in webseries, if you could choose one: webseries or movies?
“Well, both has its uniqueness. Shooting for webseries requires longer time, like two months at least or so. While movies only take a month to shoot. But due to that longer period of time, the crew and the cast become a second family.”
What’s your plan this 2020?
“I postponed to continue my study years and years and finally in 2020 I’m gonna pursue my studies in Australia. I’ll be taking a Communications study. I also have my own YouTube channel, exploring social media.”

Amanda’s Top 4 Facts

Best Movies of All Time:

Shape of Water
Green Book
The Notebook
Pengabdi Setan
Dua Garis Biru 

Personal Fashion Style:

“Simple, street-style, monochrome.”

Daily OOTD:

“Converse, jeans, and a basic top.”

Beauty Ritual:

“Remove your makeup and wash your face before you go to sleep.”


Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Zaky Akbar
Stylist: Caroline Meliala
MUA: Engelinez Wibowo
Wardrobe: Ratel, available at TheFThing.com

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