Raja Ampat and Its Four Best-Kept Secrets

The ‘it-spot’ for every underwater traveller/photographer has gained fame since the wave of Insta-travellers visit the haven. Not so hidden from the spotlight anymore, here are our picks if you’re looking for serenity on the wonder islets.

  1. Suwandarek Village
    Experience West Waisai’s village with all your senses; from the entrance, one might fell in love with the rows of traditional West Papua’s house made of real leaves. Resided by exactly 46 family or 179 locals, the magnificent coral reefs are part of their earning and visitors’ main attraction. Behind the village, there’s Yenawyau Lake that’s filled with salty water and memorable panorama. The real gem, however, is the majestic Burung Cendrawasih – bird icon Papua itself. At least there are four classified species known to the world right now, which is: Burung Merah Bahagia, Burung Cendrawasih Bukit, Burung Cendrawasih, and Burung Besar Surga.


  1. Waigeo Island
    It’s not the largest island, when it came to size. But it has user-friendly public transportation that will ease your way on the island. Delving into the underwater, one may find themselves surrounded by groups of colourful fishes travelled around the coral reefs (definitely not your typical schoolyard bullies, right?). Further into the deep of 30 meters, the chance to get closer with whitetip & blacktip reef sharks is surely make the trip worthwhile.


  1. Kofiau Island
    Although it’s the smallest island, less known than the adjacent islands, it turns out that the hidden gem truly resides in Kofiau. From the majestic coral reefs till the entire biodiversity spread, there’s actually endless thing to see. Row of volcanic hills secluded behind the rainforest, also a range of unique of fauna such as Burung Merah can be sighted on the heart of the island.


  1. Misool Island
    The best place to close your adventure is none other than the secluded island of Misool. Quiet, comfy and relaxing are just the treasurable things to be found there. And it’s the same as the underwater life, which successfully gained the attention of international tourist. It was rumoured to have adequately 75% of all species of coral reef & decorative fishes of the entire world, a blue-greenish ocean with peaceful sea life indeed.


Writer: Hadi Sutanto

Source: Okezone.com

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