Ramadan Food Cravings: Here are Indonesia’s Top 7 Ta’Jil Snacks

Sweet-toothed or not, we all swear by the delightful ta’jil to end a whole day of fasting sweetly.

Kue Takjil Tradisional Khas Indonesia
Source: Wikipedia
The familiar, comfort little balls of cakes that’s been part of our childhood. Chewy with liquid brown sugar inside, Klepon is actually originated in East Java. This Ramadan, of course the ta-jil hunter don’t want to miss it to break their fast.
Kue Takjil Tradisional Khas Indonesia
Source: BACA
Yogyakarta’s legendary cake that’s only for sale during the Holy Month. Complemented with fragrant pandan leaf and sliced pineapple inside, it’s popular among the people thanks to its delicious taste and cheap price of only IDR 2-5 thousands. Get them at Pasar Sore or Pasar Ramadan, seasonal markets in Kampung Kauman.
Kue Takjil Tradisional Khas Indonesia
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Asida is a ta’jil signature from  Maluku, Ambon. With distinct cinnamon aroma, the flour-based cake is topped with liquid margarine that gives a unique combination of sweet and salty taste.
Kue Takjil Tradisional Khas Indonesia
Sumber foto: IndonesiaInside
The cassave-based cake is also very tempting,.This getuk cake has a distinctive taste and is usually found in many traditional markets. The savory grated coconut on it definitely makes you addicted. – so if you are bored with the overrated banana compote, getuk can be an alternative.
Kue Lumpur
Kue Takjil Tradisional Khas Indonesia
Source: Tastemade
The bright yellow color can really be appetizing. Moreover, coupled with a sprinkling of raisins on it, making this sweet cake is very suitable to be used as ta’jil for breaking the fast. Gobble up while it’s still warm!
Kue Takjil Tradisional Khas Indonesia
Sumber foto: Grid.ID
Pukis cake that still exists today is still often sought by many people for ta’jil. This traditional Indonesian cake is made from flour, eggs, coconut milk, yeast and sugar. Soft and instantly melts in the mouth. Yummy!
Putri Noong
Kue Takjil Tradisional Khas Indonesia
Sumber foto: Jejak Maya
Ever heard the name of Putri Noong’s cake? This is one of the old cakes that still exists today. Well, this traditional Indonesian takjil cake is served in various colors and originates from West Java.
Putri Noong is made from the basic ingredients of cassava and banana as filling, grated coconut, pandan leaves, sugar, salt and food coloring. It’s chewy, sweet and inexpensive.
Source: Mister Aladin

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