Ranger’s Viral Selfie with the Gorillas

Caught the world’s attention with his selfies, a ranger in Republic of Congo brought another sides of Gorillas to the world.

The ranger named Mathieu Shamavu casually updated his status on his Facebook page with some selfies of him and two gorillas at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The attention drawn to the two gorillas on the pictures as they unusually snapped with their poses that look like mimicking human behavior.
“Another day at the office…” wrote Shamavu alongside the image which has been shared more than 20,000 times online.
According to @Virunganationalpark, they have received so many messages regarding the viral selfies, and they admitted that those female Gorillas—Ndakazi and Ndeze are always acting cheeky in their daily basis. Also, the national park confirming that most primates are comfortable walking on two feet for a brief of time—as they were bombed with questions regarding the female Gorilla’s poses on the photos.
Portrait of selfies showing moments of intimacy between the rangers and the primates is actually not easy to do. Because, in order to become a ranger, the staff must complete an intensive training program for six months. So if you’re thinking about taking the same pictures with some Gorillas you meet in the zoo, do not expect to have the same results.
Source: Okezone

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