Real-life Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory

While Willy Wonka is a fiction, Milton Hershey is real, and here to make your wildest chocolate dream a reality!

Yass, Hershey has changed a lazy village in Pennsylvania filled with farms to a chocolate haven since 1907.  The 121-acre land now is the proud land of Hersey Park, a Disneyland for sweet-toothed people. Here, visitors from around the world can watch the creation of the woman’s best friends: Hershey, Twizzlers, Reese’s, and Almond Joy.

More than 70 amusement features and 14 roller-coasters are also there to make your day, while the Hershey Garden spoils your eyes with its 275 roses collection. To complete the experience, spend the night at the Hershey Hotel where you can indulge in cacao spa and massage.

So…are you ready to enter the chocolate haven?


Source: inews
Pictures courtesy of Hershey Park

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