Rebuild Trust After an Affair, Here’s How to Do It Right

If you ever cheated on your partner, you know it’s not easy to go back to where things were before, especially to rebuild the trust with your partner.

According to Anita Chlipala, a licensed marriage and family therapist, it really is possible to rebuild the relationship, however it’s important to realize that regaining trust means you must understand and show your partner clearly that you truly are sorry. It definitely is going to be a long process, as you need to be willing to work on regaining their trust, you need to be responsive, comforting, and dependable during the process. They will need your proof on how reliable and safe it is to love you again.
  • Be sincerely sorry
You need to acknowledge the emotional and physical pain that you caused your partner after the betrayal. Provide your truest apology for the messes that you made.
  • Give your partner the time that they need
It’s not easy to learn that the love of your life deceived your trust. Hence, all you can give them is all the time that they need, including for them to throw their rage at you or bawling you with lot of questions.
  • Offer a transparent communication
Rebuilding trust with your partner includes an improved communication. To rebuild the trust you should be transparent on the reason why the affair happened in the first place.
  • Show your daily appreciation and affection.
It’s incredibly necessary to let your partner knows that they are loved. So show them your appreciation and your affection for them in small ways
Affair does not necessarily end up with break up or even divorce, but the efforts that are made post-affair are what lead the future your relationship. Recovering from such an event is possible, but it’s not going to take one night to heal the pain. So be persistent and patience if you want to reshape things that have been broken.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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