Red Bull Nation Presents “The Rebels”, A Webseries

The millennials are a generation who speaks their own voice, have a goal-oriented mind, and they don’t hesitate to try new things, but they also struggle a lot to maintain their passion in this fast-paced world. These sides of the millennials are portrayed in the latest webseries instalment presented by Red Bull Gold.

The webseries is a directorial debut by Jeremy Thomas. Played by Valerie Thomas, Luna Maya, Felicia Hwang, Keanu Campora, Axel Matthew Thomas, Giulio Parengkuan, and Atta Halilintar, this series takes you to see how millennials are dealing with the pressures of their environment, while keeping their passions close to their hearts.

10 episodes in total with the first episode started on April 8th on Red Bull’s YouTube channel, the story is about 5 different millennials who are trying to discover their identity and their passion in life. Val is an Indonesian student who moves to London to study business, she lives with her aunt played by Luna Maya and her mother played by Felicia Hwang. Val dreams to become a fashion designer but her mother demands her to be a businesswoman. Giulio Parengkuan plays as Steven who lives together with friend-soon-to-be enemy Arya, played by Keanu Campora. Both have the hots for Val in this case, their paths crossed and Val grows quite the interest towards Arya, leaving Steven out of the picture. And then there’s Axel Matthew Thomas’ character who’s haunted by his past. Atta plays as a vlogger who constantly vlogs about London. The plot thickens as there’s a twist between Luna Maya and Felicia Hwang.
Taking London as the main background in the series, The Rebels is not only taking you to see the magnificent views of the city which displays every character’s personality, such as; Big Ben, Milenium Bridge, and Natural History Museum, but it also elucidates you with things you should fight for in life.
The Rebels airs exclusively on Line Today and on Red Bull Nation’s youtube channel every Monday. For more information, you can check on their official Instagram account @Redbullnation because there will be some surprise gifts await.

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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