Releases ‘Everyday Life’, Coldplay Broadcasts Concert from Jordan

Coldplay, a British band, officially has released their latest album on Friday, 22 November 2019.

The album titled Everyday Life was double released and divided into two namely Sunrise and Sunset. This release was held very unique, where they broadcast it live from Jordan through YouTube. Previously Coldplay uploaded a picture of a world map with different times of the live broadcast in each country. Unfortunately only Southeast Asian countries are not included in this live broadcast.
The release concert for Everyday Life album starts at around 10:45am following Indonesian time. In the video, they are seen holding an outdoor concert with an orchestra and choir. In accordance with the theme of the album, the sun became the most important property. The camera, several times, displays images of the sun with the accompaniment of the latest songs from Coldplay.
The Everyday Life album is divided into two Sunrise and Sunset. Each album contains eight songs. In the Sunrise section there are songs Sunrise, Church, Trouble in Town, Broken, Daddy, WOTW / POTP, Arabesque and When I Need A Friend. While the Sunset section includes Guns Orphans, Eko, Cry Cry Cry, Old Friends, Benny Adam (written in Arabic letters), Champion of the World and Everyday Life. The single Orphans and Arabesque were previously released.
Source: iNews

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