Rich Brian Misses Indonesian Food So Bad

The Yellow Rapper just made the internet break in awe as he craves for Indonesian food.

The young rapper is seemingly just landed at the capital of the world, but he already saying how much he misses Indonesian food.

His tweet gained 4.7k retweets in one night, and quickly responded by Indonesian service provider Go-Jek. Manning up for a challenge, Go-Jek then replied Brian’s tweet by asking for an address. Seemingly to send the food to.

Brian then replied the tweet with an amicable reply, stressing the fact that he’s already in New York City.

But Go-Jek is up for the challenge, saying “There’s a will there’s a way bro.”

No one actually knows what or how this happened, but Go-Jek is actually there and got the Rapper what he wants.

Recently make a quick home visit in Indonesia to meet Mr. President in the Bogor Palace, The Indonesian young rapper has recently released his single called Yellow and about to release his next album, The Sailor on July 26th.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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