Rico Lubis: Between Ballin’ and Clothing Business

Basketball has been running through his veins ever since he was a kid. Growing up, he pursued and actively played basket ball. Couple of years back, Rico Lubis’ focus shifted a bit to streetwear fashion. And together with his friends, they visualized the idea of combining streetwear fashion, b-boy life, skating world, and basket into one magazine. Exploring more, they decided to create a clothing line called Urbain Inc, aiming to bring out a new option for youngsters to have a good statement tee.

So how did the transformation go from streetwear business to media company take place? Walk us through the journey, Ric.
“Well, at first, it was a media-based company because we, a couple of my friends and I, used to work in a media. Didn’t last long though, cause truth be told we knew little on how to maintain and manage it. But the responses were all satisfying from the communities and other magazines, so after the 3 months hiatus, we decided to try some new ideas. The idea was inspired by the ‘I Love NY’ t-shirt and basically our appreciation towards the city where I was raised in, we started the t-shirt business in 2010. Up to this day, we are still learning to manage the business, but as of the moment our t-shirt highlight about Jakarta, we promote it via Facebook. In the span of four years since its instalment, we now have our own office and managed to sell them overseas even. We also understand our customers’ taste in fashion better than before, and also about the business management itself.”
Based on your observation, did you notice any differences between local and international fashion street scene?
“I admit that for clothing line, Bandung is a big place—dare I say the city has the so called Godfather of local clothing line called 347. Although when we’re talking about statement and pattern-based tees, Jakarta is much better at it. In comparison to those in the States, our country’s street fashion is gradually growing. It’s not an easy market to be penetrated seeing as each country has its own culture and the trend that comes from it. But so far, we’re doing well.”
How well are we talking about here?

“Believe it or not, but the role of the young generation plays a lot in it, it even captivates our government’s attention. To be invited by one of the presidential candidates to join their campaign team is a proof that our community’s voice matters. This will definitely be a milestone for all the street culture communities out there.”

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Location: GoWork, Plaza Indonesia

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