Riddle of the Week: Is Drake Really a Vegan?

The Canadian rapper has sparked an internet debate over his diet, only by one Instagram post!


“If two vegans are angry at each other…is it beef?”  — those are the caption of Drake’s Instagram post that had people wondering if he has joined the vegan bandwagon. No official statement from Drake so far, but PETA already made a publicity stunt by sending the ‘Passion Fruit’ singer a bucket gift filled with lots of vegan food (including, of course, several passion fruit). Drake and PETA is known to have sweet relationship indeed, as PETA successfully made a deal with 6 God, Drake’s clothing brand, to avoid using Canadian goose skin on their products.

His fellow citizen has also celebrated. Freshii, Toronto’s fast-casual health-food chain christened him ‘Kale God’ and has erected billboards about it around the town. A link on it revealed their open letter to the singer, filled with joyful appreciation of Drake’s vegan diet, and of course, acting like a true vegan evangelist, message on the benefits of vegan diet. Yet no word has been spoken officially from Drake’s management about it.

So, what do you think? Is Drake really a vegan?


Source: Okezone.com 

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