The RIGHT Way to Eat Pizza (Yes, You’ve Got It Wrong this Whole Time)

Are you one of those dudes who’d like to order late-night pizza while watching World Cup 2018 with the bros? Now, let us show how to eat it like a cultured man!

According to its Italian root, eating pizza with fork and knife, or just grab it by your hand and bite it from the tip are both cultural misconduct! Pizza in Napoletana Italian perspective is a snack for traveling, and the ‘right’ way to eat it is by pinch its sides (in a way that the right and left edges meet). Moreover, there’s another custom on eating pizza on its homeland, which is:

  • Fold the pizza in half
  • Fold it again to make it shape like small wallet
  • Bite, bite!

That way, the toppings of the pizza won’t fall through – people who always make a mess in your sofa while gobbling a slice of pizza can definitely relate to this. But in Indonesia, where some pizzas have thicker textures than the original Italian pizza, you may find the folding method irrelevant. Just order the thin pizza if you’d like to have an original Italian experience, okay?


Source: Okezone
Picture courtesy of Pixabay

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