Rihanna is Getting Engaged to an Arabian Billionaire

Already been in a relationship with a businessman from Saudi Arabia, Hassan Jameel, Rihanna is said to be taking the relationship to the next level.

Coming from one video uploaded on Instagram—Morgan Stewart from the E!News is taking Rihanna’s relationship as a topic to talk about. The entertainment host stated “I see an engagement and I also see a baby probably,” Morgan said in her video. She continued: “Not yet, ‘cause she still wants to smoke a cigarette once in a while, but I definitely see an engagement and then baby in like, two years.”
Seemingly sending her feedback to the video, Rihanna herself is seen liking the video through her personal Instagram account. According to one of the sources, Rihanna has been thinking about tying the knot with her lover as it is also said that Hassan has always been treating Rihanna affectionately throughout their relationship.
Any choices that they make in the end, hopefully that would be the best for both of them in the future.
Source: Global Radio

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