Ringo Starr Returns with a New Album, Starring Paul McCartney

The Beatles’ former drummer, Ringo Starr announced that he’ll be returning with a new album, ‘What’s My Name.’  His comeback album will be here on October 25th and will feature his collaborations with many musicians, including his old pal, Paul McCartney.

The album that is made and produced in his own studio, Ringo took his longtime friend , McCartney to sing  along to their lifetime partner’s song, John Lennon’s. The two will be winging ‘Grow Old with Me,’  a song that Lennon once wrote for his wife, Yoko Ono. Starr admitted that he’s inspired to re-record the song as he watched the song being captured by the OG producer, Jack Dauglas.
Dauglas has the biggest influence on Starr putting the song to the album, as he showed him The Bermuda Tapes of Lennon’s that is contained of his demo songs.
“The idea came when John talked about me at that time before he died, yes, I am an emotional person. And I really like this song. I sing the best I can. I do well when I think of John so deeply. And I did my best. We have done our best, “said Ringo.
Source: Global Radio

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