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The thought of being able to work and doing your hobby at once is the best thing that ever happens. Roland Lagonda is surely living the life. Not having broadcasting background does not stop him to keep pursuing his dream job. So far, Roland is known by public as a news anchor for 6 years and counting. The Law studies graduate admit that instead of pursuing job based on his educational background, Roland prefers interacting with people and traveling. He even tried out his luck after he graduated back in 2009. As luck may have it, 3 months after he was sent to be a reporter. An experience of a lifetime: being explored something that he did not familiar with in the first place.

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How was the initial adjustment in the media world during your early years of career?

“It was tough and hella exhausting. I almost gave up, but I still gave it a go and sure enough after 4 months, I got used to it. I got a lot of friends my connection widens, and my communication skill improved. (During all the interviews) I get to know a lot of people and gained insights throughout. Then I was selected to involve in a new traveling program called Selamat Pagi. I spent a good amount of 6 years for the program and now I’m back as a studio presenter to host Redaksi Siang.”

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The thing you love the most about your job?

“I honestly felt so lucky because I’ve always wanted to work in a traveling TV program. My team and I always pitched the places to visit next to my producer. We do a lot of research about the place, which side to explore and highlight.”

“Having spent 6 years exploring and visiting new regions made me braver. Plus, the best thing is that I gained a second “family”. Until now, I still keep in touch with some of the team.”

How about the worst experience you’ve ever had?

“I didn’t have enough time to stay at home and spend the days with my family. (For one show), it takes us 15-20 days, a long trip. One time, I didn’t even get the chance to spend Christmas with my family due to work.”

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Favorite place that you’ve ever visited?

“The question may sound simple, but honestly it’s a tough one to answer because truthfully Indonesia has a heap amount of breathtaking views. If I had to narrow it down, I’d say Yogyakarta – I always learn something new everytime I visit the region. I love the vibes; the locals, the food, the traveling venues, I’ll always have a soft spot for Yogyakarta.”

When you visit a new place, do you find it hard to adapt to the new culture?

“I’m originally from Manado, and had have my share of adapting once I moved to Jakarta. I easily adapt to a new surrounding, that’s probably why I can survive with any kind of given trip during the program. (laughs)

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Through the years of being a host and presenter, do you want to try another field of career?

“I’m still enjoying my job right now. Actually the company sort of challenges us to make a new program every year, but I still don’t have a strong concept. But later on, I would like to create a new program, my own program.”

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Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly & Mario Raimond
MUA: @makeupbysahil
Location: Petak 9, Glodok
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