Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards’ Motorcycles are Gone

Keith Richards, one of the members of Rolling Stone just got his motorbikes stolen. Five motorbikes in total are reported to be missing from Chichester’s exclusive West Wittering area on Monday February 25th.

The all off-roaders and vintage bikes were reportedly taken from a garage in Redlands Lane between 6pm to 7am. The stolen bikes are a white KTM 495, a red Maico 490—both from 1981l; a red and silver Maico 400, from 1977; a 2013 Beta Evo trials bike; a 2011 Husaberg 390 and a Gas Gas 300 enduro.
The legend has reported the case to the police and make an announcement to whoever found the bikes to make a call to the police immediately. Hopefully the those motorbikes would return to their owner in safe and sound.
Source: Sindonews


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