After the Royal Wedding, Meghan Markle Bids Farewell to These Five Things

No party lasts forever – even a royal wedding. Let’s take a look at things that will happen to our beloved Meghan Markle after the knot has tied.


  • No More Career
    Now that she’s part of the royal family, Meghan has to leave all the Hollywood showbiz that’s made her life this far, including her main role in TV series Suits (in which she has joined since 2011)
  • Bye, Media Social
    Meghan was a social media butterfly – she owned a popular website about lifestyle named The Tig, which is now inactive. The same fate fell on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.    All family member of the British monarch is forbidden to have their own social media account since everything has to be integrated into the palace’s official account.
  • Signing Session Ends
    Giving signs to fans was part of her life, but royal family members aren’t allowed to give signs due to security reasons.
  • Strict Seafood Diet
    Not many people know, members of the royal family aren’t allowed to eat seafood because of the high risks of poisoning.
  • Opini Politik
    Political opinions are the most forbidden things for royal family – which is a great loss for the once-feminist Meghan. She can only stays at the neutral zone from now on.






Source: inews
Photos courtesy of TIME

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