Sammy Bramantyo and Roni Pramaditia of Lawless Burgerbar for Generation F

Since its instalment in 2011, Lawless has strategically diversified its business at a fast pace. The venue in Kemang not only offers a classic motorcycle garage, but also houses a record and clothing store, tattoo shop and most recently and widely popular a burger bar joint. Lawless Jakarta always focus on its top three as its core: motorcycles, music and tattoos. Sharing the same interests to expand the business opportunity, Sammy Bramantyo, Roni Pramaditia, Gofar Hilman, Arian Arifin and Yusuf Abdul Jamil agreed to build Lawless Jakarta in 2011.

These five Lawless founders currently have many on their plate, from the joint business of Lawless (eatery, tattoo studio, to motorcycle garage), Seringai band (Arian and Sammy), hosting (Gofar), and of course the world of podcast through their channel Unfaedah Podcast. During the opening of Lawless Menteng, we chat with Sammy and Roni to further find out about Lawless.

So how did it all start?

“It was first founded by me, Arian, Gofar and Ucup who already have our own business before. Roni joined a year after Lawless was founded. In 2008, Gofar and Ucup made their hobby into an established workshop called Piston Motorcycles. Later, we merged their bike workshop with a music merchandise store that Arian and I have—called Howling Wolf, and decided to put them all under the brand of Lawless Jakarta. Lawless is just basically collective things that we are passionate about, and what we basically like to do, under one umbrella.”

Roni: “We always hope what works for us would also work for everybody else. Also, since we love to eat, we all decided to build our own restaurant, Lawless Burgerbar.”
There are loads of new eateries every week in every corner of Jakarta with various themes. So why did you guys choose a burger bar?
Roni: “For us, burger is the easiest to make, yet it still gives away a great taste to people, especially in Jakarta. Since we always hang out here, so why not build a burger joint anyway?”
Sammy: “We saw the opportunity in the burger bar industry and it’s already a great market to enter. And it turns out just great, beyond our expectations.”

Unfaedah Podcast is now in the top 4 best podcast in Indonesia, what makes Unfaedah Podcast famous among podcast listeners?

“Perhaps it’s the way we deliver what we want to say. We don’t plan what comes out from our mouth, they just go on naturally.”


“We listen to other podcasts as well before creating one, both local as well as international. What I noticed is that these podcasters are trying to make a talk show out of their podcasts, so they tend to package them like how a talk show would sound like, with the host, etc. That’s the thing that we want to avoid. We deliver what we want to say in the most natural way possible, although there’s still a guideline that we have to follow.”

What connects Unfaedah podcast with Lawless?
Sammy: “To promote, communicate, create a closer relationship between Lawless and its customers and loyalists. It’s how we let them relate to us and the other way around. We let them be familiar with each of our persona within the Lawless group itself and then of course stuff we do on a daily basis.”

Lawless has now moved on to so many fields, from clothing stores to F&B. Are you planning on expanding to another field?
Sammy: “2020 is going to be an exciting year for Lawless, we have so much plans. There’s a probability that we’re going to launch a new F&B product, because as we learned from past experiences, it’s an exciting project to be explored. We still run our clothing stores as it is, but we’re more focused to develop online.”

“There will also be more improvements, such as more products and items. If you’re a big fan of our clothing items, just wait for more of us this year.”

Is there any specific reason on why Lawless Burgerbar first opened in Kemang instead of any other place? Do you plan to open anywhere else?

“Coincidentally, we already have a place in Kemang where we used to make it as a multifunction place and use it for exhibitions or talk shows. And the five of us have liked Kemang for a long time already. There’s something about that particular area that I just couldn’t leave behind. Kemang is also known as the most hit place among the youngsters, so that’s why.”

Roni: “We are still exploring other cities and planning to open outside of Jakarta. Since we already have 3 stores in Jakarta, roughly, we think it’s enough and it’s time for us to expand in cities outside of Jakarta.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin

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