Sejarah Singkat Øje Eyewear

Fashion plays a huge part in people’s lives because it is a way of expressing oneself. Nowadays, there is no right or wrong in choosing what outfit to wear. What seemed to be weird is now considered cool.

Sunglasses are fashion accessories and most of the good ones are so expensive. We see this as a problem and we want to tackle this problem. The brand Øje really feel that people can still look good and stylish without having to pay so much, and that is why we created Øje. Øje is an Indonesian brand that specializes in making good and stylish pairs of sunglasses with affordable price. Their goal is to change the perception that the more expensive a good  is, the better quality it has. The brand knows it is not always the case and they are here to prove it. Bisa langsung browse koleksinya di The F Thing.
Kacamata udah bukan lagi sesuatu yang buat gaya, tapi juga memang penting untuk dimiliki for these following reasons:
1.Mencegah paparan sinar matahari langsung ke mata
Mata adalah organ sensitif, eksposur cahaya matahari secara terus-menerus dapat merusak mata.
2.Mencegah Kanker kulit
Kulit di sekitar mata adalah kulit yang sensitif, termasuk kelopak mata dan bawah mata. Ketika mengenakan kacamata hitam, otomatis terlindungi kalau kamu lagi banyak melakukan kegiatan di luar.
3.Melindungi dari kotoran
We never knew what the weather would be like outside, it could be semi-hot or very hot, not to mention living in the big cities—pollution will obviously happen. 

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