Setting Up the Benchmark for Indonesian Video Contents with FIX Productions

FIX Productions is an Indonesian-based production house that delivers video contents on their YouTube channel, providing various fun and entertaining segments for the viewers. Starting since four years ago, FIX Productions already has garnered more than 200k subscribers. From taste tests to parody skits, they combine concepts differing in topics with each its own personalities, so everything is fresh and has its own signature style of content.

The three founders of FIX are of international school graduates: Putra Sigar is a graduate from the New York Film Academy, Nicole Lee – a graduate of Suffolk University, and a Babson College uni graduate Michael Luhukay. They have more than 10 years of experience in the production area, and Fix Productions so far did a collab with a number of well-known content creators such as Reza Chandika, Reza Nangin, Boy William, Young Lex, Uus, and many more.

What is the thing that made you guys decide that you want to make FIX together?

“FIX Productions started because both me and Putra’s background is production. We used to work for soap operas for quiet a long time and we were tired of making stuff that we weren’t really proud of, so I asked Putra to make our own production house. We decided to do FIX because we wanted to make content that really showed other people about Indonesia. That’s how we started FIX, we wanted to make something more. The most important thing about our content is for our followers to learn something new from us.”

Putra: “Yeah, at first Nicole approached me because she wanted to make something more. Throughout the whole time of us doing this, the thing that we sell is comedy. With the background of promoting Indonesian culture to the world. That’s it.”
From all of your content, which one do you enjoy doing the most and why?
Nicole: “I really enjoy doing the sketches. We don’t do them as often, because they don’t sell as well first of all. Second, it’s pricey to make them, because we want to make sure because we have production background, we want to make sure it looks good. We want to make sure that, you know, the quality, the picture, the storyline is good, and everything is just right. It’s not like we’re doing a vlog since it takes up a lot of our time and that’s why we don’t do that many sketches. But I enjoy doing them the most because of its process, it’s fun, it’s tiring and it’s also really rewarding once we air it and we’re really excited about it.”
Putra: “Yes, since we’re from the production background, the production value that we put into the sketches that we did is actually real. Another fun thing about it is that the crew who works with us for the sketches is the people who also have experiences with the film background. Because we want them also to have an opportunity to explore and pour what they have studied. We came from a film background and we want to appreciate every department and treat them professionally.”
Do you think you have achieved your vision in particular ways? How?
Nicole: “I think we definitely have. I’ll have a foreigner come up to me and said that they tried the Indonesian food and alcohol because they watched our videos and it’s definitely something that we think we’ve achieved.”

“The way I see it, what we have achieved or not is when we break the stigma of the way Indonesians view alcohol. Sometimes we see comments saying that though they don’t drink, they still watch our content because how fun we are. We never influence people to drink. We just want to show the bigger picture of alcohol to be a social thing until people see past through it. That’s it.”

What do you think is the unique point of FIX now that there’s a lot of MothaFixers?
Putra: “The unique selling point I think is that, I know it’s very controversial, but we don’t filter what we say. With meaning, we tell all the brands, we tell everybody that we are not censored or filtered. And again, we don’t want to give out the impression that cursing is a good thing or whatever, but as an Indonesian, we like to blurt out things that we don’t mean to. And when you try to filter that, it won’t be funny at all.”

“We also do know that there is a certain line that we can’t cross and it’s not because we have to follow the rules about how you make the content, but it’s more to respecting the people who are watching our content as well. So, for us, we want to be ourselves but we also know that there’s a line that we can’t cross. But in terms of that, I think the good thing about FIX is that a lot of our subscribers are very loyal and open minded. MothaFixers are always supportive. They like the culture that we’ve built and we really love that. We love connecting with other people and making new MothaFoxers so that you can also feel the culture that we want to build.”

What kind of benchmark do you consider before inviting a guest to collab with you?
Nicole: “Honestly, what makes us want to collab with someone is not because of who they are or someone who has a crazy amount of followers, it’s more to someone who sees what we see. Someone who feels what we feel when it comes to creativity and production. Someone who has the same level of creativity as us and we see the same vision. It’s not about who’s famous or not.”
Putra: “We do have people who collaborated with us and they have millions of subscribers, but they’re cool! So, we see past through the followers. As long as you’re fun to hang out with, we would love to have you in our channel.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Afriandi
Digital Imaging: Rian Pandu
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
Wardrobe: Legiteamate and NOHO, available at

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