Shania Salsabila’s Sisterly Love

Have you followed this girl?…is the question you need to ask yourself. Meet Shania Salsabila, one of the most viewed girls on Instagram and is one of the it girls on the internet.

Being the daughter from someone who’s who in the entertainment industry got her life exposed since she was young, but that definitely never scared her. Since the age of social media has rapidly shaped and shifted on how people perceive a trend, the digital world has responsibly given birth to a heap of it girls and it boys. From, Twitter, to Instagram, Shania is one of the many people out there who knows how to use her social media account. Style is one of her fortes if you peek at her IG feed. Growing up, Shania found a passion in drawing fashion sketches, always bringing a pen or a pencil with her and so the passion took a serious turn once she enrolled at Melbourne School of Fashion.

Many want to know: you seemed to be a family-oriented kind of girl, can you tell us more about your relationship with your sisters? Do you share the same interests?
“I’m very close to my younger sisters, we used to live together in Melbourne. At that time, we spent every second together because we are very close with each other, as well as with our friends. But since I moved back to Indonesia and one of my sisters is still pursuing her studies in Australia, it’s a bit hard for me to keep in touch with her. We have a very special bond, we tell each other about anything, and I rarely keep secrets from any of them, I feel like that’s what keeps us being very close to each other.”
As the eldest, how do you handle a situation during arguments with your family members?
“We rarely ever had an argument, probably because there’s a gap between our age so we respect each other. Even if we’re fighting or having arguments, it’s just the little things.”
If you have to choose, who’s the closest one to you among your sisters and why?
“As for now, I can say that it would be Shafa, probably because compares to my youngest sister, our age gap is the closest to each other’s—well Shakila is still older than Shafa but since she’s currently residing in Melbourne, it’s harder to reach her, than Shafa.”
You have quite the followers on Instagram, is your Instagram still managed by you or do you have a team?
“As for now I still manage my social media by myself, including things that I’m endorsing, replying emails and managing my social media feeds. I feel like handling my own social media accounts give me the power to control the image I’d like to be seen to public, what kind of vibe I’d like to convey. I also still have the power to choose my endorsement offers, meaning that I know exactly what kind of product I’ll be reviewing and giving my honest reviews to my audiences.”
What do you want to achieve next from being a Celebgram?

“The long term goal is probably I want to be financially independent, I don’t want to depend on my parents. I have to admit, social media is a big beneficial platform and I want to make use of it to be independent, and perhaps starting today from being a social-media influencer.”


Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Wardrobe: Kainkan, NOHO, and Legiteamate, all available at
Location: Ms.Jackson Jakarta

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