Shutter’s Director is Back with Homestay

The Thai movie director, Parkpoom Wongpoom who is known for his thrilling horror movies, is back with a fantasy themed movie—Homestay.

The 40-year-old director has been successfully gives all of his audiences goosebumps  through all of his movies, which one of them got extremely popular in Indonesia as well. Producing Shutter in 2004, the movie cancelled many other horror movies back then and even got to be remade in the States with the same title.
“Horror and fantasy are clearly different. The difficulties are also different. In this fantasy drama (genre), I have to detail the production, also feel challenged which makes my ability to increase,” Parkpoom said in the gala premiere Homestay at CGV Grand Indonesia.

Although the movie’s genre is fantasy, it’s still not floating too far away from the horror genre, as the movie is about some ghosts who are allowed to live again by entering the body of someone who committed suicide. Living in a new body, the spirit was required to find the reason why the owner of his body had chosen to commit suicide. The spirit has 100 days to solve the mystery. If it fails, then the spirit will truly die.
Based on a novel by Eto Mori, the movie wishes to encourage its audiencea to appreciate life more and to realize that you are loved for who you are.


Source: Okezone

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