Singapore's Hype Girl Mae Tan Opens Off-White in Indonesia

The only girl in the family. Skating during her time. Having big passion in fashion. Meet the 23-year-old Mae Tan who teamed up with her father’s multi-label’s boutique called Surrender where Mae and her brother are up to bring a change in people’s mindset about fashion.

Starting from being a small menswear boutique inside Singapore’s Raffles hotel, Mae and her brother managed to turn it into the region’s hottest retailers. Expanding the business, Mae got her family’s brand distributes the Japanese brand Christian Dada and Off-White in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and including the recently opened one in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, on February 14, 2019.

What do you think about Indonesian market?
“My entire goal is to push the boundaries because I feel like Indonesia as a part of Southeast Asia is one of the countries that has the power to do it and try new things. So I feel like Off-White is just at the right time and the right brand to come in.”
Do you see the growth of the fashion business in Indonesia?
“I think the growth in the fashion industry is happening in the entire Southeast Asia countries, and the root of it is because of the younger generation. These millennials have a tendency to love streetwear and the luxury brands because they like to pamper themselves with fashion styles. Hence, naturally the growth in fashion business follows and goes to them.”

“The development of fashion business is so wide, it’s fascinating that three years ago, no one would spend USD400 on a printed t-shirt or pay a USD1,000 for a pair of sneakers, but now kids under 18 or even 10 are going to Supreme or Off-White to buy really expensive stuff. It’s just what we’re dealing with, the younger people’s love toward the brands and the styles.”

Plan in the near future?
“For now, we don’t have any plans but we definitely plan to work more on the stores and just continue to grow the stores that we already have by keep on sharing the ideas with the locals for each store.”
What can we see from Off-White physical retail in Indonesia?
“I think the fact that every store is different in terms of style, design, and vibes, we definitely want to see and capture things that the Indonesians love, so we can give back to them.”

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photos courtesy of @marxmae and @off__white__jakarta
Location: Off White, Plaza Indonesia

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